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A very special Ferrari F12tdf

27 maggio 2016

It was a packed week for Nicola D’Aniello, President of Ferrari Club Belgium. After a journey through Italy with his 599 GTO, as part of the Ferrari Tribute to Mille Miglia, D’Aniello stopped at Maranello. A dream come true awaited him there: a unique F12tdf, personalised through the Tailor Made programme to the point that it was practically one of a kind. TOFM had a brief chat with him at the event.


The Official Ferrari Magazine: Tell us about your passion for Ferrari.

Nicola D'Aniello: It’s something I picked up from my father, an Italian who emigrated to Belgium for work. There was definitely no shortage of scale model Ferrari vehicles at our house. Once I was able, I moved the collection to my garage: I bought my first Ferrari in 2008, a 430 Scuderia, followed by a 599 GTO in 2010 and in 2012 a 458 Speciale.

TOFM: …and now your new car: a Tailor Made F12tdf. A very special project…

NDA: My dream was to pay tribute to Jacques Swaters’ Écurie Francorchamps, which later became the Écurie Nationale Belge. A small team that won absolute third place at the 1967 Le Mans 24 Hours with a 330 P4 and with Willy Mairesse and Jean Blaton. It was an amazing moment. This F12tdf was inspired by that car: the livery, the details and the interior are all meant to relive that exciting period with a modern twist.

TOFM: Can you share anything about how the vehicle was designed? 

NDA: I showed up at the Tailor Made atelier in Maranello with a model of the 330 P4 and more than 200 photos. It took almost three hours to find a configuration that was as faithful as possible. We had to discard a few of the changes I had in mind, but I have to say that the end result exceeds all expectations.

TOFM: What’s your take on the Tailor Made programme?

NDA: It’s amazing. Every Ferrari is one-of-a-kind, but with this programme it’s even more unique. The car is designed to match your vision. It’s extreme personalisation. The only way to personalise a car more is through the one-off programme. There’s no doubt that from now on I will only have Tailor Made Ferraris!

TOFM: What does Ferrari mean to you?

NDA: Ferrari is passion. I consider the world of Ferrari one big family. Club members share a deep bond of friendship, and the men and women who work at Maranello are particularly attentive. They make me feel at home. It’s a special quality, one that few others can boast.