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A New And Exciting Chapter

Ferrari’s Capital Markets Day puts emphasis on employees, electrification, and carbon neutrality by 2030

Ferrari’s Capital Markets Day drew to a close today, as investors, media and financial analysts were presented with the strategic plan for 2022-2026, and the actions the company intend to take to embrace the opportunities ahead.    


 “Our brand fuels the dreams of millions,” said Ferrari Chairman, John Elkann. “It has been built up over 75 years of thrilling, memorable experiences, through success on the track and sheer driving pleasure on the road. It has created an inclusive, close-knit community that encompasses diverse people, countries and even industries. As long as we preserve its heritage and values, it will lay a solid foundation for our future strategic plans”.

Watch 75 years of innovation come to life at the Ferrari Capital Markets Day

Having become the first Italian company to be awarded the Equal Salary Certificate in 2020, Ferrari continues to lead the way for Employees’ empowerment. With a focus on experience, environment, earnings, and emotions, combined with the wider importance of electrification and the future role of the engine, the Company is entering a new and exciting chapter of its journey, one that will succeed by pushing the boundaries of possibilities in Ferrari’s own distinctive way.

Chairman John Elkann and Benedetto Vigna explain their vision for a new and exciting chapter for Ferrari

Ferrari CEO, Benedetto Vigna explained this further: “With their unwavering commitment and passion, the women and men of Ferrari are determined to flawlessly execute this strategic plan and to build on all the opportunities that lie ahead, embracing our founder’s will: to keep alive the will to progress pursued in the past. We will continue to draw on our competitive advantages: uniqueness and technological leadership, whilst taking actions to reach carbon neutrality by 2030”.