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02 dicembre 2020

The 2020 Yearbook is a very special edition. All Yearbooks are special, of course, but this year’s reflects a unique time in our history, revealing both how the pandemic is changing our lives and how it has failed to change the true essence of Ferrari.

This completely unprecedented challenge has actually strengthened the marque’s core values, allowing it to respond with creativity, previously unrevealed  power and a sense of responsibility towards others both inside and beyond the legendary Maranello factory gates. Humanity is what made the difference.

To celebrate that fact, five famous writers from five different countries have written five short stories especially for the Yearbook, all centring around the resilience, vision and hope that have characterised Ferrari’s work in recent months. Personal and universal visions that tell the tale of the times we are living in.    

In line with longstanding tradition, however, the Yearbook also explores the cars we presented during the year, our events and competitions, proving that, despite the difficulties, Ferrari continues to be fiercely engaged and proactive. Illustrated as ever by the world’s leading photographers, you will find the new SF90 Spider, a celebration of the Scuderia Ferrari’s incredible record of 1,000 Formula 1 grands prix, a roundup of portraits of the men and women who continue to build the Prancing Horse legend through their daily work, our client events and a look to the future through the successes of the young talents from the Ferrari Driver Academy.

As ever, we are looking forward….