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    Singapore Grand Prix 2019 by Giacomo Bevilacqua

    Singapore 18 settembre 2019


    As the sun sets on the Marina Bay circuit, the Rossa from Maranello makes a line to the chequered flag — its tyres screeching on the hot asphalt — embraced by the ultra-modern shapes of the ArtScience Museum and Marina Bay Sands SkyPark.


    Giacomo Bevilacqua (Rome, 1983) is an italian comic artist and author. After graduating from the International School of Comics, in 2006 he begins working for Eura Editoriale on the series John Doe and Detective Dante, and on several one-shots and short stories.

    In 2008 he creates the comic strip Panda Likes, still published onine and on numerous italian magazines and periodicals.

    In 2011 he publishes the miniseries Metamorphosis with Editoriale Aurea and the first collection of Panda strips with Edizioni BD.

    In 2013 these works are updated and republished by Panini Comics, for which Bevilacqua also creates a magazine dedicated to Panda and his adventures.

    In 2015 he writes and draws the graphic novel The sound of the world by heart for Bao Publishing, also translated in France and the US.

    The same year he starts working with Sergio Bonelli Editore both on a special Dylan Dog issue and on the one shot Lavennder.

    In 2017 Forbes lists The sound of the world by heart among the 10 best graphic novels of that year.

    He is currently developing the series Attica for Sergio Bonelli Editore.

    Cover art by Giacomo Bevilacqua - Singapore 2019