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    Saudi Arabian Grand Prix 2023 by Valerio Befani

    Maranello 16 marzo 2023

    Valerio Befani is a comic and storyboard artist from Civitavecchia, Italy. After graduating from the International School of Comics in Rome, he worked for Star Comics on «20000 leagues under the sea» and as a character designer and storyboard artist for music videos and other small projects. He then begins his ongoing collaboration with Editoriale Cosmo in «Battaglia - Ragazzi di morte» and for the series «Un Eroe una Battaglia» on the issue «La Neve di Stalingrado». In 2019 he draws the one-shot «Cthulhu, l’abisso della ragione», again for Editoriale Cosmo. In 2020 he illustrates part of the animated inserts of the Sky Arte TV series «In Compagnia del lupo» hosted by Italian crime writer Carlo Lucarelli.