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    Sprint Qualifying recap: Carlos third, Charles seventh

    São Paulo 13 novembre 2021

    Temperature. Air 17, track 28.

    Start. Carlos was brilliant off the line, overtaking Sergio Perez and then Max Verstappen to go second. Charles got ahead of Pierre Gasly to take fifth place.

    Lap 4. Verstappen benefits from RDS to overtake Carlos.

    Lap 8. Norris gets into Charles’ slipstream and passes him.

    Lap 12. At half-distance Valtteri Bottas leads from from Verstappne, Sainz, Perez, Norris and Leclerc.

    Lap 20. Lewis Hamilton fights his way up the order, passing  Leclerc for sixth.

    Chequered flag. A great race from Carlos to finish third behind Bottas and Verstappen. Charles is seventh but will start sixth tomorrow as Hamilton drops five places for an engine change.

    With one point for Carlos today, Ferrari now leads McLaren by 14.5 points.