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    Quali recap: Carlos and Charles second and third

    Budapest 30 luglio 2022

    Temperature: air 22, track 32

    Q1. Threatening clouds over the Hungaroring, but no rain at the start of the session. Carlos and Charles wait a few minutes before leaving the garage. They go out on new Soft tyres and set times of 1’19”317 and 1’19”979 respectively, before getting down to 1’18”561 and 1’18”806. They both go through to Q2.

    Q2. Charles and Carlos use the same set of Softs they ran in Q1 setting times of 1’18”769 and 1’18”849 respectively. They pit for new Softs and get down to 1’17”946 and 1’17”768 to make it through to Q3.

    Q3.  The drivers report a few drops of rain, but the track is still dry in the final part. Each driver has two new sets of Softs available. Carlos starts off with a 1’17”505 and Charles does a 1’17”985. On the second set, they both improve: Leclerc clocks a 1’17”567 and Sainz improves to 1’17”421. However, George Russell then crosses the line to beat the Spaniard by 44 thousandths. Tomorrow, Carlos starts from second, one place ahead of his team-mate.