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    F1-75, first time fire-up

    Maranello 03 febbraio 2022

    This afternoon in the heart of the Gestione Sportiva, shortly after 5pm, the F1-75 which Scuderia Ferrari will race in the 2022 Formula 1 season, was fired up for the first time.

    Overseeing proceedings was Team Principal Mattia Binotto and just a small number of essential personnel, because of the measures in place relating to Covid-19. The rest of the staff watched via computers and screens in the various departments. For around 30 seconds, the sound of the 066/7 power unit rang out in the vehicle assembly area.

    This is a very special moment, more so than at similar occasions in previous years,” said Binotto. “The F1-75 is a completely new car and is the culmination of a journey we all started together a few years back, working as a united and determined team.

    The F1-75 official launch takes place on 17 February at 14.00 CET.