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    Quali recap: Charles and Carlos second and third

    Zandvoort 03 settembre 2022

    Clear skies, windy, dry.  Temperature: air 27°, track 38°.

    Q1. Both drivers wait a bit before going out on track. On the first run, Carlos posts a 1’11”767 and Charles sets a time of 1’12”125. The Monegasque goes again and improves to 1’11”443. They both get through to Q2.

    Q2. Both Ferrari drivers take to the track on used Soft tyres. Carlos laps in 1’11”591, and Charles in 1’11”727. They then both improve on new Softs. The Spaniard’s time is 1’10”814, The Monegasque posts a 1’10”988. They both get through to Q3. 

    Q3. In the final shoot-out Charles and Carlos each have two sets of new Softs available. Leclerc goes quickest in 1’10”363, while Carlos is fourth with a 1’10”747. On his final run, the Monegasque improves to 1’10”363, although he fails to improve in sector 2. Max Verstappen profits from the that and takes pole by 21 thousandths in 1’10”342. Sainz is also very close, third in 1’10”434.