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    Belgian Grand Prix 2021 by Lorenzo Nuti

    Maranello 25 agosto 2021


    Lorenzo Nuti (1985) is an illustrator, concept and comics artist. In the earliest 2011 and until 2015 he published, with  Marco Rastrelli's screenplay, the Comicbook trilogy «Les bítes de Black City» for the French market. Between 2013 and 2015, he worked as a background artist and as a technical artistic supervisor. In 2016 he illustrated in Italy for Kleiner Flug the Comicbook «Giovanni dalle nere» by Marco Rastrelli. In 2017, with Andrea Meucci, he worked for the comic book adaptation of the historical-fantasy novel «La legione occulta dell'impero romano» by Roberto Genovesi, published by Newton Compton Editori. Between 2018 and 2019, he taught artistic anatomy at the International School of Comics in Florence and worked out the inks of the historical comic book «Horatio Nelson». In the latest years he worked as an illustrator for the project «Brancalonia - the spaghetti fantasy Rpg» published by Acheron Books; on a Sergio Bonelli's volume in the Dragonero series and on a volume for the French publisher Glènat.

    Scuderia Ferrari - SF21