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    Abu Dhabi Grand Prix 2022 by Bruno Letizia

    Cover art by Bruno Letizia

    Maranello 16 novembre 2022


    Bruno Letizia (Roma, 1981 November 3rd) works as a screenwriter and comic artist. He collaborates as a designer for Kawama (Icomics) and the American IDW on True Blood The French Quarter. He collaborates as a screenwriter for Coniglio EditoreBugs Comics and for Les Humanoides Associées on Izunas, together with Saverio Tenuta and Carita Lupatelli. The latter series is translated into five different languages. As a complete author, he churns out H.E.R.O.I.N. for Verdenero Edizioni and publishes the short story Fall Of The Fortress on Clint Mag, the magazine made in the U.K. by Mark Millar. Together with Giulio Antonio Gualtieri, Michele Monteleone, Stefano Marsiglia, Roberto Cirincione and Francesco Trentani, he founded Villain Comics: an independent label for which he created the miniseries Se Sei Vivo, Spara!Siouxie Fox and Le Città Invisibili. Since 2010 he works as a teacher at the International School of Comics and at the Jesi ACCA Academy.