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    Fabrizio Donoso joins Scuderia Ferrari Velas Esports Team

    Maranello 25 maggio 2022

    The Scuderia Ferrari Velas Esports Team is pleased to announce an important new signing to its line-up. Chile’s Fabrizio Donoso joins the team alongside David Tonizza, Brendon Leigh and Kamil Pawlowski for a busy season that sees the Maranello squad taking part in several series.

    Very experienced. Fabrizio Donoso Delgado was born in Santiago, Chile on 19 June 1999, but he grew up in Switzerland. He speaks four languages – Spanish, French, Italian and English – and for a long time he wanted to be a pro footballer, before a passion for Esports took hold, especially the virtual Formula 1 series. He has plenty of experience in this field, having started off in 2017, when he finished second to Brendon Leigh. For the past two years he has been racing for Renault Velocity and Alpine F1 Esports and last year he made it to the podium twice. Just like two of his team-mates, he has also tried his hand at single-seaters, having raced in Formula 4.

    Busy season. Along with his team-mates, Fabrizio has a busy season ahead of him, taking part in many races and he is currently in training alongside Tonizza, Leigh and Pawlowski. Apart from F1 Esports Championship, the team is also committed in championships in the SRO galaxy, including the Mobileye GTWC Europe Sprint Series Pro Class. Tonizza is currently leading that series with Kamil Pawloski alongside him, then there are the Endurance and Interncontinental championships, where they are up against sim drivers from all over the world.

    Fabrizio Donoso, Sim Driver Scuderia Ferrari Velas Esports Team

    «Coming into 2022, my future wasn’t decided and I can say today I’m very lucky that Ferrari put its trust in me for the upcoming season. Racing for that legendary name has always been a dream of mine for those who know me very well and it’s finally coming true. I’m looking forward to the season with Brendon, David and Kamil as I’m sure we can achieve the success we want.»

    Marco Matassa Team Principal Scuderia Ferrari Velas Esports Team

    «At Scuderia Ferrari Velas Esports Team, we are very happy that Fabrizio Donoso is joining us alongside Brendon Leigh, David Tonizza and Kamil Pawlowski. I’m sure his experience will help the team to progress and maximise its potential.»