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    Fast Lane: Josef Schumacher

    Maranello 20 luglio 2021

    After a season in the Club Challenge, Josef Schumacher moved up to the Ferrari Challenge Coppa Shell Am, supported by the Eberlein Automobile team. The pleasure of racing in the most beautiful European circuits, the will to improve every day: Schumacher spoke to Fast Line about his ambitions.

    This is your Ferrari Challenge debut; what brought you to this series?

    I haven’t been racing very long. My first race was in 2018 in Valencia, Spain. Today I have an entire team to myself, and I am delighted to be travelling around Europe in this championship”.

    What features do you appreciate most about the Ferrari 488 Challenge Evo?  

    There are so many features I appreciate. I was already thrilled with the Ferrari 458 GT3 and I have to say that both models are exciting. On the other hand, a Ferrari is a Ferrari, and there’s very little to add”.

    What kind of driver do you think you are? In what context are you able to give your best?

    I can maintain a high pace during a race, achieving remarkable speeds. Unfortunately, I don’t do my best in qualifying. I still have a lot of work to do”.

    What is your favourite circuit?

    I should preface this by saying that I don’t have enough experience yet to be able to judge overall. I certainly love Monza, for many reasons. It is definitely my favourite circuit to date”.

    How do you feel in the Ferrari Challenge? 

    I have realised how ambitious and broad this project is. Personally, I’m doing great. I have felt comfortable with all the drivers, I like the European programme, and I think Ferrari have done an outstanding job. Lastly, I like the idea that, as we all have the same car, it is the driver who makes the difference, and so the human factor counts a lot”.