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Driver comments after the Finali Mondiali Trofeo Pirelli

Mugello 21 novembre 2021

The race that turned Luka Nurmi into the youngest champion in Finali Mondiali history proved to be a thriller that went right down to the wire. This was vouched for by the protagonists who made it onto the podium alongside the Finn and the Am class winner, Christian Brunsborg.

Niccolò Schirò, second position Trofeo Pirelli: “I was hoping for a little better result, but, unfortunately, if you don’t race you can’t overtake. Many Safety cars unfortunately stop us from race for here and I at least tried. So after the restart I couldn’t stay close enough to Luka. Congatulations to him. And on to the next one, we will see what happen”.

Cooper Macneil, third position Trofeo Pirelli Am: “The second year in a raw the 3rd place in at Finali Mondiali, 4th championship in raw with Ferrari Challenge North America. Car was tricky to drive all weekend. I had a crash in Practice on Thursday, which really set it back, because the car was really good up until then. And then I was just fighting a difficult car to drive all weekend. So happy with 3rd place”.

Enzo Potolicchio, second position Trofeo Pirelli Am: “It’s great to come and represent the US and the US championship and do well. It’s the second time I finish on the podium for the World Finals. I really had an opportunity to win here, but then we were taken out during one of the races, and we crashed really hard. So we had to work on the car a lot, we tested it yesterday when it was race, the car was not good at all, so we had to rewell the chassis again, the team has done amazing job, they gave me a great car and we had to go out without testing it, it is what we had. We had car to finish second and we took advantage of that, we had a clean race. The weather, the circuit well. And now we go back home and regroup and try to go back next year. But it’s amazing to be part of Ferrari family, it’s amazing to be here, great event like always. It’s just something overwhelming”. 

Ange Barde, third position Trofeo Pirelli Am: “The race is hard because there’s too much Safety cars. It’s the reason I can’t come back in the front, but in the end I finished on the podium and it’s good for the end of the championship”.