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    Weekend notebook: titles for Ferrari in the Ultimate Cup

    Maranello 16 novembre 2022

    The Circuit Paul Ricard hosted the closing round of the Ultimate Cup Series, crowning the crew of Visiom for a third time in the UGT3A class of GT Endurance. Titles also arrived in the GT Hyper Sprint at the French track.

    Endurance. With two victories and four podium places, the final one achieved in the sixth and last race of the season at France’s Circuit Paul Ricard, the Visiom team clinches the 2022 Coupe GT Endurance title in the UGT3A class. David Hallyday, Jean-Paul Pagny and Jean-Bernard Bouvet, in the Ferrari 488 GT3 Evo 2020, earned the decisive points, having started from third place on the grid, before leading for long stretches to eventually finish in a precious runner-up spot.

    Thanks to an excellent start, David Hallyday was able to snatch the lead, then attempted a decisive breakaway, but the compulsory pit stops left the Ferrari of Visiom in second place, enough however to secure the title, the third after the triumphs in 2019 and 2020.

    Hyper Sprint. Ferraris also produced noteworthy results in the GT Hyper Sprint series, in its classic format with three races over the weekend. SR&R's Edoardo Barbolini took the overall win in Race-2, while together with teammate Luca Demarchi finished runner-up in the UGT3A class in the final race. Barbolini also claimed the crown in UGT3A, which he added to the win sealed in the team standings (SR&R).

    In the UGT3B class the Race-1 win went to CMR’s Alexis Berthet, a runner-up spot in the second race with teammate Patrick Michellier at the wheel, and then third place in the final race involving the scheduled driver swap.