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    Season Review 2021 - Miguel Molina

    Maranello 12 gennaio 2022

    In his second full-time season in the FIA WEC, this year with Daniel Serra, Miguel Molina was one of the drivers who received less than they deserved. He managed, however, to win back his rightful place in the European Le Mans Series, where he claimed the title at the end of a season he thoroughly dominated. The 24 Hours of Spa-Francorchamps, where he spearheaded Spirit of Race’s Pro-Am crew, was also a clear-cut triumph.

    You won the title in the European Le Mans Series at the end of a very positive season. How do you rate your performance, and what do you feel when you win a tough, hard-fought championship like this?

    “It was a very positive year, mainly because we managed to maintain the proper continuity, and I think that was our strength. Wherever you race, it’s always hard to win, so you always have to give 100% at every opportunity. The car never had any problems, while the work with the team and teammates was excellent: these key aspects definitely benefited us.” 

    This is your second World Championship season, your first with Daniel Serra: the best performance came in the final part. How do you rate your 2021?

    “I think it was a tougher championship than the previous one, as all the opponents were more competitive. Speaking of performance, there were races where we were faster, such as Le Mans, but then we had some mechanical problems. Despite this, we took a great step forward: the work of fine-tuning also continued to provide us with better-performing cars. I’m happy to race in the WEC, a championship I really like, challenging, where the entry list is not crowded, but the drivers are fast and excellent. That’s why you always have to give 100%.”