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    GT Cup Championship 2019 - Well-known faces, upbeat results

    Maranello 22 gennaio 2020

    The 2019 edition of the GT Cup Championship saw a heavy presence of drivers involved in GTC class at the wheel of Ferrari 488 Challenge cars. In the series, whose format guarantees both a thrilling show and optimum driving times for the cars, Graham and Daniel de Zille proved to be the best among the Ferrari crews, with a sixth place in the overall rankings and second spot in the GTC class. The duo, who competed aboard a 458 Challenge, tackled the entire season, while other teams took part only in certain races. Among the drivers on-track, could be spotted familiar faces from the Ferrari Challenge UK series, such as Paul Hogarth, Richard Guy and Gary Redman, from GT championships like Laki Christoforou, the Ferrari Challenge Europe, such as world champion Adam Carroll with John Dhillon, and even Bonamy Grimes, protagonist in WEC with Red River Sport and their 488 GTE. Among the teams, FF Corse had an outstanding season, finishing second in the rankings with 875 points.
    22 gennaio, 2020