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    Davide Rigon, fantastic chemistry with Bahrain track

    Bahrain 12 dicembre 2019

    If there is one track where Davide Rigon's talent has found the space to express itself, it is Bahrain. The Italian driver has always finished in the top positions on this track, just outside Manama. "I don't know why," says Rigon, "but Bahrain has always been good for me, and I like it a lot. I drove here in my first GP2 race, finishing on the podium, and I secured one of my first WEC victories here". This track seems almost designed to maximise his driving skills. "I like it a lot because it alternates between hard braking and acceleration. I am a driver who brakes hard and late, and this track brings out my driving skills". Not everything is straightforward in the desert, starting with the setup. "The ideal setup is found by looking for a car that is well balanced when braking, as you have to brake a lot," comments Rigon. "The track is demanding on brakes and traction. Every year we try for good braking stability, considering the long straights and restarts".