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    Comments from the drivers at Indianapolis

    Indianapolis 18 ottobre 2021

    A first time endurance victory for Jean-Claude Saada and the no. 61 team was balanced by the difficult results for the no. 51 and 71 entries.  We recorded the drivers’ post race comments.

    Jean-Claude Saada: “Well obviously this is my first endurance race. I never thought in a million years I’d last 8 hours.  But this has been an absolutely amazing experience. You never know what happens, when it happens or how it happens, but at the end of the day we prevailed and won and I think it’s the beginning of a bunch of endurance races to come”.

    Callum Ilott: “We had a good start and we were P3 after the first stint. We did a good stop and a good decision with the safety car though we got a drive through penalty.  We worked our way back up on track, and towards the end of the race I hopped back in when we were P3 on track and I managed to switch back on the two cars in front. From there it was about defending from the Audi which was really quick at that point. And then with the incident – unfortunately it happens”.

    Nicklas Nielsen: “I think we can be happy with P4. The penalty we incurred is what it is, but in the end we did a good job coming back. We definitely had the car to do a lot more, but it is what it is, but I’m happy with the team. We did our best today so we can be happy”.

    Antonio Fuoco: “I don’t really know what to say. There is a big disappointment for how we finished the race. I think we had a good car, a good pace throughout the weekend. We were in a really good position in the end, but this is racing. Something can happen, but you never know what to say. I feel sorry for the team because we should have been able to win today. I felt sorry also for Callum. It was not his fault.”