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    Australian GT 2016 Season Review - Seven wins for Ferrari customer teams

    14 gennaio 2017

    Maranello, 14 January 2017 - The Ferrari customer teams notched up seven wins in the Australian GT Championship. Despite that the season wasn’t particularly thrilling with none of the teams ever really in contention for the title. The first three victories came courtesy of an F430 of Koala Motorsport in the Trophy class crewed by Brendon Griguol and Tim Macrow. Melbourne saw the arrival of the new 488 GT3 but a hitch for the organisers with approvals meant that Andrea Montermini (DeFelice Homes) and Tony D’Alberto (Maranello Motorsport) had to compete in the Invitational, Class, which they dominated with first and second place. The following day, Benny Simonsen (DeFelice Homes) won the class ahead of Peter Edwards (Maranello Motorsport) and was second overall. Race-3 and Race-4 also went to Montermini and Simonsen, while the F430 of Koala Motorsport picked up two third places with Griguol and Macrow.