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    24H Series - Meagre pickings for Ferrari at Dubai

    16 gennaio 2016

    Dubai, 16 Jan 2016 - Ferrari could draw little satisfaction from the 24 Hours of Dubai, the first round of the 24H Series. Indeed, just one Prancing Horse car made it all the way, finishing in 19th place overall and 10th in its class.   Bad luck. The 458 Italia no. 88 of Dragon Racing lasted less than five hours. Frederic Fatien, Jordan Grogor, Tiziano Carugati, Gino Forgione and Rob Barff were forced to withdraw when they were in the middle of the group. Shortly after the 458 Italia GT3 of Scuderia Praha crewed by Jiri Pisarik, Matteo Malucelli, Peter Cox and Matte Cressoni, also pulled out of the 10-hour race.   At the finish. The Ferrari no. 888 of Dragon Racing driven by Matt Griffin, Alex Kapadia, John Hartshorne and Kaled Al-Mudhaf finished in 10th place in the A6-Pro class. The next race, the 12 Hours of Mugello on 13 and 14 March, takes place on the Ferrari owned circuit. The overall win went to the Audi of Belgian Club WRT with Alain Ferté, Michael Meadows, Stuart Leonard and Laurens Vanthoor.