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Tour Auto 2022

Maranello 24 maggio 2022

Between 25th and 30th April 2022, Ferrari West Europe welcomed 30 modern Ferrari to participate to the mythical Tour Auto, a car rally open to models that took part in the “Tour de France automobile” between 1951 and 1973.
Indeed, Ferrari is the only automotive brand to allow customers to participate with recent cars. Moreover, the organizer puts cars in the spotlight for every edition and this year, the #Ferrari 365 GTB/4 Daytona was chosen!
60 Ferrari crews (20 classic and 30 modern cars) out of the 230 teams involved set off from Paris and crossed France during 5 days, driving successively through La Baule, Limoges, Bordeaux and Pau before arriving in Andorra. Another special highlight of this event was that enthusiasts were lucky enough to see four 296GTBs opening the road, the first dynamic roadshow of these cars in France!
In total, it represents 2000 kilometers covered, 14 special stages on closed roads, 3 races on the Le Mans, Val de Vienne and Nogaro circuits
with some gastronomical, historical and cultural interludes allowing our Ferraristi to have a taste of the French “art-de-vivre”.