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Ferrari is Top Employer Italy 2022

Maranello 20 gennaio 2022

Ferrari has been awarded Top Employer Italy certification for the third consecutive year in recognition of its policies and strategies aimed at continuously improving both the workplace environment and the wellbeing of its staff. 

The certification is an endorsement of the Company’s longstanding commitment to taking care of its employees through continuous learning to help improve their skills and growth paths, valuing and fostering diversity, and protecting their work-life balance. 

Our online and in-person education and training, renewal of our Equal-Salary Certification, the Formula Insieme listening programme for employees, the ongoing Back on Track programme and its contribution to the creating a safe, serene working environment, have all helped to turn the men and women in Ferrari into one big team ready to tackle the challenge of innovation.

“Ferrari has always been committed to fostering the development and training of its people both in Italy and across the world” – declared Michele Antoniazzi, Ferrari’s Chief Human Resources Officer– “Even today, in our 75th Anniversary year, Enzo Ferrari’s approach remains absolutely relevant  in terms of encouraging merit through continuing learning and fostering team work and diversity”.   

The Top Employer Institute awarded Ferrari Employers of Choice certification after an analysis of its corporate strategies and processes across a variety of different themes including People Strategy, Work Environment, Talent Acquisition, Learning, Well-being, Diversity & Inclusion.