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Through Enzo’s eyes

17 febbraio 2021

Ben Pulman

On the anniversary of the birth of Enzo Ferrari, we reveal how he looked upon the world

Enzo Ferrari, our legendary founder, had a unique perspective on the world.

He had an extraordinary ability to make real the ideas that his curious mind focused upon. ‘If you can imagine it, you can do it’ was one of his favourite mottos.

His passion, wisdom and attention to detail saw him create Ferrari from scratch and lead it to worldwide acclaim for both its motorsport achievements and exemplary road cars. What he dreamt, he made real.  

But Enzo Ferrari’s perspective on the world was not only figurative, but literal too, seen through the iconic sunglasses almost universally fixed across his face. Today, on the anniversary of his birth, we have recreated that unique viewpoint.

A series of images have been constructed as if seen through our founder’s eyes – and sunglasses. Many of these are seen in colour for the first time, modern technology allowing black and white images to be manipulated and brought to life.

Some pictures highlight a momentous occasion in the history of Ferrari, like the first 125 S outside the factory gates in 1947, or a win for Alberto Ascari in 1951. Others show day-to-day life, including Ferrari employees leaving work, and Enzo Ferrari's own desk and office. 

Such moments, successes, and cars, also continue to be created at Ferrari to this day, because the people who worked with him transmitted to their colleagues the passion and respect for the work that he saw almost as a vocation.

His vision and his values are alive today, hardwired into the DNA of Ferrari. Indeed, as Enzo Ferrari himself once said: ‘Factories are made of machines, walls and people. I believe Ferrari is made most of all by its people.’

17 febbraio, 2021