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The inimitable Ferrari Omologata

24 settembre 2020

Today the Fiorano track was the backdrop for testing a never-before-seen Ferrari that is unique in every sense: the Ferrari Omologata. Why is it unique? Because there’ll never be another one like it. The Ferrari Omologata is the Prancing Horse’s tenth one-off V-12 since 2009. Using the 812 Superfast as a platform, the car combines the unmistakeable roar of an aspirated 12-cylinder with an innovative design that’s sure to make a splash.

The Ferrari Omologata is just as at ease on the road as on the track. Its look is almost futuristic. Flavio Manzoni and the Design Centre have cannily reinterpreted some of the iconic strands of the brand’s DNA, modelling supple forms that counterbalance wisely distributed, streamlined, 'interrupted' elements. Taking advantage of the proportions of the 812 Superfast’s powerful front-and-centre architecture, the designers found the perfect balance between aesthetic expression and regulatory constraints, to produce a Ferrari that’s omologata – ‘approved’ – by name and by nature.

Their attention to detail is such that they’ve created, from scratch, an entirely new shade of red for the car’s racing colours. It sits perfectly with the layered Magma Red on the body and the parts in carbon fibre. Equally striking are the metal parts of the dashboard and steering wheel, embellished in unusual paintwork with a cracked effect that calls to mind the great GTs of the 1950s and 1960s (not to mention the iconic Ferrari cylinder head covers). There are also the inside doors handles and the iconic F1 bridge, with a special hammered effect to its paintwork that is typical of legendary Prancing Horse cars like the 250 LM and 250 GTO.