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16 settembre 2020


The new Portofino M takes the Maranello spider to new heights of versatility and pleasure

The new Ferrari Portofino M speeds along a road surrounded by an exotic, almost fairy-tale-like landscape of rocks, forest and rugged mountains. The cover of the latest issue of The Official Ferrari Magazine celebrates the unique spirit of the newest addition to the Maranello line-up, which lets its owners' imaginations run free. Its versatility makes it the perfect car for any occasion, a spider in summer, a coupé in winter, it’s spacious and has high-performance. The M stands for modified and represents a new car that has revolutionised the already extraordinary Portofino, taking it to new heights, starting with performance, but also highlighting design and comfort and, above all, pure driving pleasure. The Official Ferrari Magazine celebrated this driving experience in its latest issue, shooting the Portofino M in some of the most captivating places on earth. With a little extra magic.


Discover the new Portofino M