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Colours of Mugello

21 novembre 2019

Racing came home – literally – at Ferrari’s Finali Mondiali when racers and tifosi met at Mugello circuit in Tuscany. Alive with a passion for Ferrari that’s truly in the blood, the stands were naturally filled with a sea of red, celebrating 90 years of Scuderia Ferrari and its racing colours.

But just as red is not the only colour you can choose for your Ferrari, red was far from the only colour on display at Mugello. Racing cars and racing people formed a whole rainbow of colours.

The liveries of each and every racing team at the Finali were totally distinctive, with 488 GTE and GT3 racers liveried in every colour imaginable, from searing yellows, pinks and oranges to vibrantly layered multi-colours. One car even had shark’s teeth painted on the nose, perhaps echoing the famous Ferrari ‘Shark Nose’ racers of the 1960s. Meanwhile, XX Programmes cars lapped in dynamic blues, whites, blacks, yellows and more.

Nor was Italy’s national tricolore of green, white and red the only flag flying at Mugello. The national flags of racing drivers featured strongly in the cars’ liveries, from American Stars-and-Stripes, to British Union Jacks, to the Swiss white-on-red cross. And with drivers adopting their own multi-hued choices of racing overalls, Mugello was every bit as colourful as it was international.


21 novembre, 2019