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A Spider in Sweden

12 marzo 2021

Ben Pulman

The car is always the star – especially when it’s a yellow SF90 Spider in a snowy Swedish landscape – but this exclusive behind-the-scenes footage captures the team on the other side of the camera, who battled temperatures of -38C to create Ferrari’s latest film

The Ferrari SF90 Spider delivers a driving experience beyond imagination. The new convertible from the Prancing Horse has the same extreme performance and groundbreaking technology as the SF90 Stradale – yet adds further thrills and versatility to its impressive arsenal through the opportunity for open-top driving.

To unleash such performance – and to truly take advantage of the latest iteration of Ferrari’s signature Retractable Hard Top (RHT) – an SF90 Spider recently journeyed to the remote wilderness of northern Sweden to star in an amazing new film.

It is an extraordinary environment for an extraordinary car. Here the frozen lakes offer a chance to showcase the performance of the SF90 Spider. Not just in regards to horsepower – which at a total of 1000cv makes it the most powerful Ferrari ever built – but the delivery of such power. The SF90 Spider is all-wheel drive, and the astonishing traction is achieved with the support of three electric motors.

Moreover, the epic, majestic landscape is a true match for the SF90 Spider. With the RHT open, the driver’s emotions are fully amplified, with the infinite sky above and the pure sound of the eight-cylinder Ferrari engine unfiltered.

To capture the SF90 Spider in such an environment, a dedicated film crew spent a week on location, first meticulously recceing the dramatic and desolate landscape, and then shooting day and night to capture the footage required. This behind-the-scenes film captures their story – and reveals a few secrets of the trade, including Russian Arm-equipped SUVs and snow blowers.

With temperatures plummeting to -38C overnight, it was a tough and resilient team whose hard work and dedication – and enthusiasm for the yellow subject matter before them – paid off to deliver an incredible new film. A film that captures the exhilaration of open-top driving in one of the most extreme driving locations on Earth.

And the SF90 Spider? With sophisticated electronic control systems, and on specially studded tyres to bite into the ice of the frozen lake, it performed with aplomb, drifting to the limit on command while spraying rooster tails of snow high into the sky.

12 marzo, 2021