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Ferrari road-trip to Finali Mondiali

07 novembre 2019

Richard Aucock

A journey to remember, driving to Mugello in a 488 Pista Spider

It is a pre-dawn alarm call. We have many miles to cover, and no time to waste. Ferrari Finali Mondiali is waiting for us – as is a Ferrari 488 Pista Spider to take us there. We are staying in a countryside retreat in Florence, Tuscany, and the roads north to Mugello are long, sinuous and glorious. Simply perfect for an early morning Ferrari road-trip.

The roof goes down. We want to hear the International Engine of the Year in its full glory. Press the starter button, hear the magical sound of eight cylinders in action, and we’re away on a journey to remember. The kilometres pass and the thrills keep on coming. We stop for fuel and a breather, but we’re soon on the way again. Mugello is calling.

Our coffee stop was planned to take in the twisting, thrilling Passo del Giogo, a serpentine sequence of climbs, descents and hairpins. It was a memorable mountain pass that saw us stop several times to gaze at the scenery. The Pista was perfect, kicking you back into your seat with a glorious howl with every corner exit. Truly addictive: memories are made of this.

Excitingly, we join other Ferraris as we approach the circuit. The mutual respect is obvious. Finally, we pass through the entrance to Mugello, for Ferrari’s annual celebration of all things motorsport. Roof up, bags packed, autograph pens at the ready. Ferrari Finali Mondiali, by 488 Pista Spider: let’s go!

Ahead of us is a full day’s racing, with four GT champions crowned in the international Challenge series, and both Ferrari F1 Clienti and the XX Programs wowing the crowds. We celebrate 90 years of Scuderia Ferrari and 70 years since the first Ferrari Le Mans 24 Hours victory, and even see the brand new Ferrari 488 Challenge Evo and 488 GT3 Evo that will compete in 2020.

A record crowd witnesses the spectacle. More than 43,000 people visited Mugello for the 2019 Ferrari World Finals – and the 28,000 who attended on the Sunday were treated to a stunning fly-past from two Italian Air Force Eurofighters. A fitting tribute to the origins of the famous Ferrari logo.

We leave the circuit late in the day, after a feast of Ferrari celebrations. And despite the early start, we’re not tired. After all, we have a Ferrari 488 Pista Spider to take us back along the twists and turns. Roof down, and we’re away…