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It has been a monumental task but finally, after three months and 4.3M votes, the inaugural Ferrari Hall of Fame has been decided
Words – Ross Brown

The Ferrari Hall of Fame campaign launched across Ferrari’s official media channels on March 8th and gave fans, for the first time ever, the opportunity to nominate their most beloved Ferrari from each of the last seven decades.

The LaFerrari was a firm fan favourite in the Hall of Fame, collecting 794K votes in the 2010s Category

Not necessarily the most expensive, or the fastest Ferrari, but the Prancing Horse that connected with them the most on an emotional level, through design, innovation, performance and of course that unmistakable Ferrari sound.  

Each decade was chosen at random and involved a week of voting that included quarter-finals, semi-finals and a final showdown between the top two choices to decide on the ultimate winner.  

The winners of each decade: The 250 Europa, The Dino 246 GTS and the F40 

Perhaps fittingly, the first Prancing Horse to enter the Hall of Fame was a true 80’s icon. The V8 powered, 324 km/h Ferrari F40 emerged the clear fan favourite after a semi-final with the V12, 290 km/h Ferrari Testarossa. 

The front engine V12 Ferrari 250 GTO, the Prancing Horse that exemplified the highest level of styling and performance when it arrived in 1962, would be the next entry, winning the 1960s category from an initial line-up that included the 400 Superamerica, the 500 Superfast and the 275 GTB. 

The F50, the 250 GTO and the Enzo Ferrari were all entered into the inaugural Ferrari Hall of Fame

The 90s category saw the Ferrari F50 emerge victorious. Created to celebrate Ferrari’s 50th anniversary, the 325 km/h F50 was, at the time, the closest thing to a road-going Formula 1 car the company had ever built. It faced the 360 Modena, the 348 Spider and the F355 Berlinetta in the quarter-finals and went on to pass the 360 Modena in the semi-finals to become the third entry in the Hall of Fame.

The fourth entry was the V6 mid-engine Dino 246 GTS, claiming its place in the 1970s category after a thrilling Semi-final with the 308 GTB. 

LaFerrari became not only the fan favourite for the 2010s, but also overall favourite for the Hall of Fame. With 794K votes the 2010s was the most popular decade overall (the 90s were a close second with 792K) and LaFerrari claimed 279K of those votes, passing the 458 Speciale in the semi-finals to become the fifth entry in the Hall of Fame.

For the first time in Ferrari history fans around the world were invited to nominate their most beloved Ferrari 

Finally, in a unique category called simply, The Early Days, and featuring Prancing Horses from the 40s and 50s, including the 125 S (the first true Ferrari), the 166 Inter (the first Ferrari with a 2-litre 12-cylinder engine) and the Lampredi V12, 250 km/h Ferrari 375 America. However, it would be the sleek, beautiful 250 Europa, first introduced at the 1952 Paris Motor Show, which would claim the last spot in the Hall of Fame.    

The Ferrari Hall of Fame 

The Early Days: 250 Europa

The 60s: 250 GTO

The 70s: Dino 246 GTS

The 80s: F40

The 90s: F50

The 2000s: Enzo Ferrari 

The 2010s: LaFerrari 

23 giugno, 2022