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Open-top performance

08 settembre 2019

With a pedigree dating back to the 308 GTS of 1977, the F8 Spider is the latest in Ferrari’s line of open-roof V8s. It’s aimed at clients looking for extreme performance and uncompromising driving pleasure, with the experience of being open to the elements. With a power output of 720cv, it is an even sportier model than the 488 Spider, which it replaces, and offers a rich, distinctive sound.

Now, the 3.9-litre V8 twin-turbo engineering masterpiece has been mapped for the new F8 Spider in order to create a unique sound, whether the roof is open or closed. An innovative system brings this exceptional sound to the cabin: with channels designed to transfer it from the exhaust system right up next to the cabin. That’s easy to appreciate thanks to the electrically-operated retractable hard top, which takes just 14 seconds to deploy. 

You can read the whole story in the next issue of The Official Ferrari Magazine available from September 15th