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Curated passion

A new private collection showcases every Formula One Ferrari that ever raced, in 1:18 scale
Words: Ross Brown
Photography: Josh Letchworth

Passion has been the driving force behind the last 75 years of ceaseless innovation at Ferrari. At Maranello it is the beating heart of the Prancing Horse, from the workforce who make up the Ferrari family to the road and racing cars they build. And, beyond the factory gates, a huge community of global fans and clients have grown, all united by a shared sense of belonging and passion.  

The collection is owned by Argentinian Carlos Fornari and each car is either handmade by artisans or sourced from specialists 

Today, that passion encapsulates a world of Ferrari that surpasses its current line-up of Prancing Horses. It is evident on the fashion catwalks of Milan, through the restoration work of the Classiche craftsmen and, in this case, in a 1:18 scale model collection consisting of every Ferrari Formula One and Two car that ever raced. Which equates to 127 cars and six prototypes.  


Located in Miami and owned by Argentinian Carlos Fornari, the collection contains every car raced by the Scuderia between 1948 and 2021. Each car is either sourced from specialists or handmade by artisans and all have the same stipulation: they must be designed to the exact specifications of the racing car of the day, from a livery, mechanical and aerodynamic standpoint. 

The collection contains every car raced by the Scuderia between 1948 and 2021

This attention to detail can be seen in examples such as the F2001 that Michael Schumacher raced in Monza after September 11, which had no livery and a black nose. There’s also the first F1 Ferrari with a rear engine (the 246 P), Frolian Gonzalez’s 375 (the first Ferrari to ever win in an F1) and the 126 C, the first turbo engine car tested by Gilles Villeneuve at Imola in 1980.


Adherence to the rules is paramount and provides a provoking reminder of some of the great Ferrari legends of Formula One. For example, Juan Fangio’s winning Ferrari of the 1956 Italian Grand Prix was not the same car he began the race in. When he was forced to retire, and abandon his hopes of winning the driver’s championship, fellow Scuderia pilot Peter Collins promptly pulled into the pits and offered him his car. Fangio accepted and crossed the line second behind Stirling Moss, winning the championship in the process. And it is that car, Number 66, which makes it into the 1:18 scale collection.

There are over 127 cars on display, all at 1:18 scale 

The collection has been some time in the making. When Scuderia Ferrari reached their 800th race in Formula One at the Turkish GP back in 2010, a deadline was set to have every F1 and F2 car ever made, in time for the 1000th race. Sadly, Covid made that an impossibility. However, a revised plan – to have all the F1 and F2 models, plus the drivers that raced at least three times for the Scuderia, by the 75th anniversary of Ferrari this year – was achieved.


Of course, if anything is worth doing it’s worth doing properly and this collection, while complete, is always open to specific additions. There are two 312 73 cars for example, however the door is still open for the 312 73 that Jackie Ickx raced in Montjuic, Spain which is red with a yellow ribbon along the front. 


What next for a collector who has achieved his dream of collecting every F1 car that ever raced? Well, next year Ferrari return once again to the World Endurance Championships, and focus has already turned to a sport Ferrari collection.