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Atelier Ferrari: making a car your own

09 maggio 2019

Richard Aucock

Creating your dream car with the experts at Atelier Ferrari

Buying a new Ferrari is about turning a dream into a reality. And, thanks to Atelier Ferrari, your vision can be perfectly captured and created, with help from a dedicated expert who guides you through the entire experience. They turn your dream into a real Ferrari, built just for you.

Atelier Ferrari is a private studio located separate to the main dealer showroom. We visited the H.R. Owen Atelier at The Berkeley hotel in Knightsbridge, London. Atelier Consultant Loretta Franklin took us through how it works: “I meet with clients once they have worked with the sales consultants and decided upon the Ferrari they want,” she explained. “My job is to make that car their own.”

The first step is deciding the colour. “Clients usually have an idea of what they want. At Atelier, we have large sample panels, produced in the same way the cars are painted, so they are accurate representations.” Loretta talks about the colour with the client, to make it fits with their requirements. At this stage, Loretta likes to match exterior colour with interior options. Again, there are many variations, and her task is to find the perfect one for the client, using the samples on hand.

Real leather and Alcantara, in generous sizes, can be compared. “It really helps clients visualise the combination. Many of them also like to touch and feel the materials – this stage is a tactile, hands-on experience.” Atelier Ferrari studios also help clients choose wheel options and brake caliper colours using physical samples. “Visitors are often impressed with the range of wheels – sometimes, you can only fully appreciate their beauty and impact by seeing them with your own eyes.”

Authentic calipers painted in the range of colour options allow combinations to be carefully matched. There is even a range of real Ferrari seats for clients to sit in and decide upon their preferred style. This stage usually comes once the guest has chosen their colour combination, although the process is completely flexible, says Loretta. “I am there to guide the client; sometimes it is good that they change their mind, as Atelier Ferrari is designed to create the perfect car for them.”

Once the physical options are decided upon, the process moves to the configuration suite. Loretta uses a powerful computer to recreate the client’s personal specification on a large, high-definition screen. The car is shown outside Enzo Ferrari’s house – and Loretta is able to customise even the smallest details. “Here, we choose carpets, the colour of the stitching, rev counter options, all carefully selected to the client’s exact preference.”

Loretta has a range of sample books available, so customers can again touch and feel the different materials represented on-screen. Once their perfect Ferrari has been configured, it can then be shown driving on both track and road, at day and night. This stunning movie really impresses clients. “We also email this to them so they can show friends and family.” The Atelier Ferrari bespoke experience is a genuine tailored event, says Loretta.

“It usually takes an hour or two, but it’s entirely up to the client. Sometimes, people come back several times to review different options before ordering. Everyone is welcome to do it at their own pace. “Atelier Ferrari is all about making a new Ferrari your own. The joy clients experience when they first see their new car on delivery day never fails to excite me. I’m lucky enough to help turn dreams into reality, and that’s why I have so much passion for what I do.”

09 maggio, 2019