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A worthy cause

15 febbraio 2021

Ben Pulman

Limited edition books and collectible publications on the history of the Prancing Horse go on sale to aid medical research at the ‘Centro Dino Ferrari’ Association

This week, following the anniversary of the birth of Enzo Ferrari, a special collection of historical books donated by his family will go on sale for charity. All the funds raised will benefit medical research in a cause particularly close to the heart of the Ferrari family.

Collectible volumes and limited edition publications on the history of the Prancing Horse will be available for purchase at the Ferrari Store of the Museo Enzo Ferrari (MEF) in Modena, Italy. Collectors from all over the world may also book their acquisitions on Museum Enzo Ferrari.

The entire proceeds will be donated to the ‘Centro Dino Ferrari’ Association. Founded in 1984 by Eng. Enzo Ferrari in memory of his son, Dino, the Association supports and promotes research in the field of neuromuscular, neurodegenerative and cerebrovascular diseases at the Clinical Neurological Institute at the University of Milan, Italy.

Today’s charitable initiative for the Association was born from an idea by Eng. Piero Ferrari, Vice Chairman of Ferrari since 1988, who personally signed each copy. A special "ex libris" also certifies the origin of the publication and explains the beneficial cause that makes them even more valuable.

The Honorary President of the Association, Piero Ferrari continues the mission of his father Enzo, so that through the advancement and support of scientific research, it is possible to defeat devastating diseases such as muscular dystrophy, Alzheimer's disease, Parkinson's disease and multiple sclerosis .

‘My father said Ferrari's history is a story to be told. And that story will be handed down forever, thanks to historical publications and limited editions like these,’ said Piero Ferrari. ‘The history of Ferrari is documented and archived within these books, full of memories to open on special occasions. We have kept and stored these precious books, but now is the time for these heritage materials to benefit a truly good cause.’

Among the available titles are historical editions of works written by Enzo Ferrari himself, including "Drivers, what people ..." from 1987 and "A life for the automobile", both in the 1998 edition and in the special limited and numbered edition which is offered in a celebratory presentation box. The 1989 Ferrari Yearbook, published one year after the death of Enzo Ferrari, is also on sale.