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A work of art in paper and carbon

Discovering the Ferrari Monza SP1/SP2; the art book produced at Maranello with the same care and attention that goes into making our cars

“If there’s a book you really want to read, but it hasn’t been written yet, then you must write it”.

Toni Morrison, the American writer who won the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1993, will forgive us if we use one of her quotes to talk about our book. Entitled “Ferrari Monza SP1/SP2”, the volume is dedicated to the Icona project’s first car, the 12-cylinder single and two-seater inspired by the legendary 750 Monza.
It’s not, of course, the first book “about” a Ferrari: Enzo himself wrote some essential ones, and over the decades, so much has been published about the track and road exploits of the Prancing Horse cars. However, this is the first book conceived, created and also published by Ferrari: a precious object in a limited edition of 499 copies that we wanted to be “homemade”, in line with our tradition of craftsmanship and technology.
Careful consideration went into each section of this volume. First of all, the iconographic aspect: The old photos showing the famous gentlemen drivers of the 1950s and the images of the 750 Monza in action include some scarcely seen before. Then there are the pages dedicated to the creation of the current Monza, from the first sketches to the style models, as well as an exclusive visit to the production department where the car and its engine are assembled. And finally, there is the car itself, portrayed in the studio like a sculpture, and in action on the Mugello track and along the roads neighbouring the circuit.

Ferrari have produced a small work of art, covering early Monza concept sketches right through to the engine assembly department  

The book was also printed entirely on FSC paper, that is sustainably, respecting the forests and “eco-friendly” production processes, plates, and inks.

And then there’s the matter of looks. The materials used for the slipcase and binding refer to the car itself: aluminium, carbon, leather seats, and the yellow canvas endpapers with a design found on the luggage made especially for the Ferrari Monza.

In short, a miniature work of art that makes us proud.