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    XX Programmes - The Evo kit makes its debut on three FXX Ks in Austin

    11 marzo 2018

    Austin, 11 March 2018 – This weekend saw the official debut of the Evo kit, unveiled for the first time in November during the Finali Mondiali at Mugello. The new kit has been fitted on three cars, while the first FXX K Evo native cars are expected later in the Corse Clienti season.   Aerodynamic evolution. The most prominent feature of the new kit is the improved aerodynamics, the result of over a year's work in the wind tunnel, with an increase in downforce thanks to the use of a new twin-profile fixed wing. The two bumpers, front underbody and exhaust pipe have also been revised.   Even better performance. The design of the front brake air intakes has been modified in line with the increased performance of the Evo version of the FXX K, while all data from the new telemetry system are shown on the display inside the passenger compartment. The new steering wheel is easier to handle and even more suitable for intensive track use. This video shows the first images of the FXX K with Evo kit.   Nearly 20,000 hp. The cars of the XX Programmes, starring at the Ferrari Racing Days at the Circuit of the Americas deploy a fearsome near 20,000 hp between them. The FXX, 599XXXX and FXX K cars, on their debut on the Texas racetrack, are putting on a show with their outstanding design and performance.   Excellent consultant. Customers were familiar with the circuit after the inspection on Thursday and then were advised by the special tutor Marc Gené on how to best deal with the various parts of the circuit. The track in Austin is very complete, alternating between fast parts and others that are mixed.