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    XX Programmes - FXX K queen of Mugello

    13 aprile 2017

    Scarperia, 13 April 2017 – The second and final day of testing for the cars of F1 Clienti and XX Programmes were held at Mugello. The second day saw no less of a show, with some of the most successful cars of the last 15 years alternating on track with the special cars of the XX Programmes. These extreme sports cars can only be driven on track although they are not approved for any championship.   Queen. The FXX Ks held court on the ups and downs of the Tuscan track, being the most numerous cars at the event. Indeed, Mugello was graced by 10 examples of one of the most special cars ever to have been driven through the gates of Maranello, endowed with over 1000 hp and hybrid technologies deriving from Formula 1. The special customer-testers took advantage of the perfect conditions at Mugello to push their cars to the limit and then study the telemetry together with the engineers.   The other jewels. The other cars of the XX Programmes, the 599XX, 599XX EVO and the FXX, the first model of a project that last year celebrated its 10th anniversary, also raced around the Arrabbiatas, San Donato and Bucine corners.   Special Award. A special event was held on Wednesday evening when the mechanics of F1 Clienti joined the customers for a cocktail event at the racetrack to present an award to someone special, Giuliano Tacconi, who recently exceeded 500 Formula 1 Shakedowns. His is a life in "red" and one marked by limitless passion.