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    Weiland and Mattson on pole in Coppa Shell

    Nürburg 06 luglio 2019

    James Weiland sealed the best time in the 30-minute Coppa Shell qualifying session, while Ingvar Mattsson was the fastest of the Coppa Shell Am drivers, securing an astonishing second place overall.

    Coppa Shell. James Weiland took his fourth pole of the season with a time of 2:02.939, confirming his mastery of the time-trial. The American was four-tenths of a second ahead of Ernst Kirchmayr (2:03.343) and Tani Hanna (2:03.594) who are still battling for the lead in the championship standings. Behind them, in fourth and fifth, came the Canadian Eric Cheung (2:03.732) and Fons Scheltema (2:03.904), while Christian Kinch (2:04.222) closed in the top six.

    Coppa Shell Am. Ingvar Mattsson was the fastest in qualifying for the Coppa Shell Am, stopping the clock in 2:03.115, which earned him second place overall. The Swedish driver was ahead of 'Boris Gideon’ (2:03.913) and 'Alex Fox’ (2:04.347), respectively seventh and ninth overall. Agata Smolka (2:04.428) set the fourth fastest time, three-tenths of a second behind Laurent De Meeus. The other drivers in the class lagged further behind, with Dusan Palcr closing the third virtual row. Race-1 of the Coppa Shell sets off this afternoon at 3:55 pm.