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    The last round of the Ferrari Challenge North America at Mugello

    Mugello 11 ottobre 2023

    Thirty competitors from Ferrari Challenge Trofeo Pirelli North America are set to challenge the legendary Mugello Circuit over the Finali Mondiali Ferrari week.

    Trofeo Pirelli. With a maximum of 34 points on offer (15 to win, one for pole and one for fast lap for each race), Mark Kurzejewski (Ferrari of Beverly Hills) has provisionally captured the Trofeo Pirelli championship with a 47-point advantage ahead of the huge event weekend. Kurzejewski has won six of 12 races, in addition to three second places and a third, plus five poles and two fast laps.

    The title of the Trofeo Pirelli Am class is still to be awarded. Justin Rothberg (Ferrari of Palm Beach) leads the championship battle. A four-time winner this season, Rothberg holds a 31-point advantage over Tony Davis (Continental AutoSports), a winner at Road Atlanta and Montréal. Brian Cook (Ferrari of Seattle) is third in the points, but lacks the points to take the championship battle all the way to Mugello.

    Also entered at Mugello are Michael Mathes (Ferrari of Central New Jersey), Homestead winner Marc Muzzo (Ferrari of Ontario), Michael Porter (Ferrari of Seattle), Omar Balkissoon (Ferrari of Fort Lauderdale), Brian Kaminskey (Ferrari of Long Island) and Mckade Wang (Ferrari of Vancouver).

    Coppa Shell. Cameron Root (Ron Tonkin Gran Turismo) used a sweep at Road America to open a 17-point lead in Coppa Shell. He also won the second race at Homestead in addition to four-consecutive runner-up finishes. Second in the standings is David Voronin (Foreign Cars Italia), who swept at Road Atlanta in addition to wins at Montréal and Sonoma. Sureel Chokski (Ferrari of Denver), a winner at Homestead and Montréal, is also in contention, although 22 points in arrears.

    Also entered are Rey Acosta (The Collection), Frank Szezesniak (Ferrari of Austin), Thor Haugen (Ferrari Westlake), Yahn Bernier (Ferrari of Seattle), Matt Dalton (Ferrari of Long Island), and John Viskup (Boardwalk Ferrari).

    Three drivers are also in title contention in Coppa Shell-Am. Lisa Clark (Ferrari Beverly Hills) currently leads by 19 points. She opened the year with a sweep at Homestead, and added wins at Montréal and the most recent race at Road America. She also captured Coppa Ladies honors with a perfect 180 points.

    Bruce Cleveland (Ferrari Silicon Valley), who swept at Sonoma and added victory in the Road America opener, is second in the points. Dan Cornish (Ferrari of Austin) is not currently entered in the event. He swept at COTA and won at Montréal, and is 28 points behind.

    Also entered for the Italian weekend are Road Atlanta winner Roger Monteforte (Ferrari of Central New Jersey), Steve Check (Ferrari of Rancho Mirage), Jeffrey Nunberg (Ferrari of Central New Jersey), Dana Goodwin (Ferrari of Newport Beach), Lancy Cawley (Ferrari of Atlanta), and Al Hegy (Ferrari of Newport Beach).

    11 ottobre, 2023