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    Driver comments after Coppa Shell Race 2

    Spa-Francorchamps 12 settembre 2021

    Ernst Kirchmayr, winner of Race 2 of the Coppa Shell, and Peter Christensen, triumphant among the Am class drivers, pulled off a repetition of yesterday afternoon’s wins in Spa. The two drivers came out on top after a hard-fought race. A fact that the protagonists of the race, who stood on the podium alongside the winners, can vouch for.

    Axel Sartingen, second place in the Coppa Shell: “I’m disappointed with the way the race ended because I could have taken first place. I was in the lead at the beginning but then I had to change my line because of an accident and dropped my position. Ernst Kirchmayr, as usual, made no mistakes and, although I tried hard, I just couldn't get past him. I still have hope as we go into the final few races.”

    Fons Scheltema, third place in the Coppa Shell: “I battled hard with Weiland, as we have done throughout the year, although today, unfortunately, there was contact between our cars. However, I am very satisfied with my third place and I think it is a well-deserved podium.”

    Peter Stockmans, second place in the Coppa Shell Am: “I got off to a great start today but then someone crashed into me and shoved me into the wall so I dropped a few positions. However, I managed to pull back and finish second. I am happy with how the race ended and I’m pleased that I’ve joined the Ferrari group. I’m looking forward to the next race at Mugello.”

    Tommy Lindroth, third place in the Coppa Shell Am: “I am very happy with the result at the end of a tricky race due to the Safety Car intervention. Towards the end of the race I was able to increase my speed and gradually improve my pace more and more.”