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    Paulsen aims to forget Monza

    Spielberg 30 aprile 2021

    After surprising everyone with a flawless 2020 season and the Am title, Frederik Paulsen is one of the most eagerly awaited drivers in the Trofeo Pirelli. After a disappointing debut at Monza, the Dane from Formula Racing will be seeking payback when he tackles the Spielberg track for the first time. We heard from him on the eve of the Austrian stage.

    Last year you won the Trofeo Pirelli Am, and this year you moved up to the “Pro” class. What significant differences have you found?

    “I had a lot of fun last season, and I’m looking forward to the new one. I imagine some of my opponents are the same as last year while others will be new, but in general, it’s just more drivers to contend with, and it’s interesting to change rivals, always with the sole goal of being faster than them”.

    Your old rival Matúš Výboh is also a “Pro” and, already at Monza, you were back to duelling like last year. What are the limitations and opportunities in facing an opponent you know so well?

    “I really appreciated the fact that there were interesting battles in each race last year, and I think good personal relationships developed, with mutual respect. I’m not afraid to face my opponents, and I just think we’re going to have fun, like last year. We will have other opportunities to experience other good races”.

    What are your goals for this second season in the Challenge?

    “My goal is to win the title in the Pirelli PRO class”.