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    Fast Lane: Werner Genter


    Maranello 07 settembre 2021

    2021 is the debut season for Werner Genter, who has already made a name for himself in his first Ferrari Challenge appearances. The German driver of Moll Sportwagen Hannover spoke to Fast Lane about his feelings and ambitions, ready to face each race as if it were a real battle.

    What persuaded you to participate in the Ferrari Challenge?

    “This is a very exciting championship as the level of drivers is high, and the competition is tight”. It’s hard to get the better of rivals. Every time it’s a real challenge. There is no other series that can deliver the same excitement: the championships organised by other brands do not hit the levels of the Ferrari Challenge”.

    When and why did you decide to start racing?

    “I started racing in 2019, but this is my first actual season. I have never compared myself with drivers like Fons Scheltema; I am a rookie in all respects. I must say, though, that I made a promising debut!”

    How do you feel behind the wheel of the Ferrari 488 Evo Challenge?

    “I start to feel the adrenaline coursing through my veins and go into fight mode. I feel happy and think of nothing but the race”.

    What is your favourite circuit?

    “Mugello is definitely number one”. It is a track where I can give my best. I have often driven on the Italian track, and it is absolutely my favourite”.

    How do you prepare physically and mentally before a race?

    “I don’t really feel the need for physical training.” After all, I feel I’m in great shape. My body responds perfectly, and I am confident heading into a race weekend. When I get into my car, I’m already prepared for the green light”.