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    Fast Lane: Thomas Neubauer

    Maranello 21 settembre 2021

    The young Charles Pozzi – Courage driver, Thomas Neubauer, is in his third season in the Ferrari Challenge. He deploys calm as is his secret weapon in every race, a virtue he has made the most of by achieving outstanding results. The French driver is today’s guest on the new episode of Fast Lane.

    Third season in the Ferrari Challenge, what is your best memory?

    “Without a doubt, the Finali Mondiali at Misano in March. Unfortunately, we were disqualified at the end of the race. However, we won on the track, and that’s what counts: so it is still a beautiful memory”.

    Tell us about your car’s livery, inspired by the French flag.

    “Yes, the Charles Pozzi – Courage team has been racing for many years, and the first cars already bore these colours. Colours I’m fond of, of course, being French, so I’m happy to have continued this tradition”.

    How do you feel behind the wheel of the Ferrari 488 Challenge Evo?

    “It’s a great car, absolutely. Obviously, the main element is the engine, very powerful and, dare I say it, exciting! It is a great pleasure to drive this car every time”.

    How would you describe yourself as a driver?

    “I would say my best trait is being able to stay extremely calm but at the same time turn aggressive when necessary”.

    How did your passion for racing come about?  

    “My father owned a car dealership, and I grew up around cars. So I have had this passion since childhood. And it’s great to have cultivated this love of motorsport down to today, coming here to race. I enjoy every moment of this experience: not only the race but also the time away from the track, in short, the whole weekend”.