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    Fast Lane: Ross Chouest

    This week, Ross Chouest joins Ferrari for another installment of the Fast-Lane series.

    Maranello 03 novembre 2020

    This week, Ross Chouest joins Ferrari for another installment of the Fast-Lane series.  Ross Chouest joined the Ferrari Challenge series in 2017 after getting the bug at Ferrari’s Corso Pilota program at the famed Mont Tremblant circuit in Canada.  It was a logical step for a man who has always loved to drive.  From there, the passion just continued to escalate, beginning with some track days and joining the Ferrari Challenge series full-time in 2017.  Since then Ross has steadily worked his way up the ladder with his experience culminating in the Trofeo Pirelli AM class championship in 2019.  For 2020, he was once again promoted to the Trofeo Pirelli class and continued his winning ways with a win at Weathertech Raceway Laguna Seca in September. 

    What is your favorite feature of the Ferrari 488 Challenge Evo?

    Probably the engine.  Its incredible and of course won all of these awards including Engine of the Year for four consecutive years.  It’s pretty amazing to have so much power in such a small unit.  Its challenging to handle, especially with the turbochargers.  It’s the first turbo race car that I’ve driven so it took some getting used to, but that’s part of the challenge.  Aesthetically it’s a much cooler looking car now with the Evo kit and with the additional downforce it’s a much more balanced car and adds to the challenge of balancing the car front to rear. It’s a really good addition.

    What is your favorite circuit?

    It’s a tough one, but my favorite is probably Watkins Glen in New York.  Its fast, challenging.  It’s a tough question but if I had to choose one it would be Watkins Glen.

    How did your passion for racing begin?

    Ever since I was a kid, I loved driving everything, cars, boats, atvs, etc.  Several years ago I went to the F1 race in Montreal with some other guys and we got the bug.  We then followed on to the Corso Pilota program at Mont Tremblant and that really ignited the passion.  After that I did a few more schools and continued with Driver Education track days to get my feet wet and try different things.  I definitely got addicted and it all went from there.  My first year in the Challenge series was in 2017, but before that I had been driving in a Ferrari 430 Challenge car.

    How do you prepare for a Ferrari Challenge weekend?

    My coach Aaron Poblito and I take preparation really seriously.  Everything from certain vitamins and  supplements to also thinking about when and what I eat.  We definitely work to be selective and careful on those elements before we go into the car.  I grew up playing basketball and also played in college and a lot of it translates to this.  The mental preparation importantly and also the physical side as well.  Trying to get as much cardio as possible and manage my mental focus to compartmentalize things when they don’t go as well as I’d hope.  There are always ups and downs in racing and its super important to always stay level. 

    What hobbies do you enjoy when you’re not at the track?

    I do, fishing hunting, and travelling are probably my main hobbies.

    And can you tell us a little bit about your road car collection?

    I really just have a 458 Italia which is a great sports car and a 488 Pista Piloti which is also an amazing car and obviously very similar to the Challenge car.