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    Fast Lane: Paolo Scudieri

    Ferrari Challenge Europe 2021

    Maranello 27 luglio 2021

    It is passion that motivates many drivers to compete in the world of racing, especially in the Ferrari Challenge. Paolo Scudieri is a case in point. After getting to know the Prancing Horse one-make series, he couldn’t resist the excitement of a championship he describes as extraordinary. Fast Lane interviewed the Sa.Mo.Car team driver.

    You are in your second season in Ferrari Challenge. How do you feel?

    “It’s always thrilling to take part in a Ferrari Challenge race. It’s not just going out on track, but the anticipation is extraordinary too: the waiting period between one championship and another; the desire for everything to restart as soon as possible; to relive the excitement behind the wheel of a Ferrari. Ferrari is passion”.

    What’s your feeling about the 488 Challenge Evo?

    “The 488 has evolved a lot in recent years, with an emphasis on technical evolution. The car has adopted important technological solutions, thanks also to the evolution of aerodynamic aids. You discover it anew every time you drive.

    What do you think about the Ferrari Challenge championship?

    “I don’t think there’s a more beautiful or compelling championship. The organisation is impeccable, and nobody pampers drivers like the Ferrari Challenge. I think this series is extraordinary”.

    How do you prepare for a race?

    “It all sounds simple, but driving a 488 Challenge Evo is very physical, so you need the right physical preparation”.

    Do you follow any specific training?

    “I follow a targeted physical preparation, paying particular attention to training, combined with a specially designed diet. It takes a lot of effort to be ready for a race”.