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    Fast Lane: Jorge Daniel Pinto

    Jorge Daniel Pinto is making his Ferrari Challenge debut in the Trofeo Pirelli Am class.

    Maranello 28 settembre 2021

    Jorge Daniel Pinto is making his Ferrari Challenge debut in the Trofeo Pirelli Am class. However, the driver from Luxembourg, who races for Francorchamps Motors Luxembourg - D2P, has already shown his combativeness on the track. Racing and Ferraris were his dreams, and now he has managed to achieve his goals. Jorge Daniel Pinto spoke about this and much more to Fast Lane.

    This is your first year at Ferrari Challenge. What has brought you to this point?

    “I have two passions that have been with me since I was a child: motorsport and Ferrari. When the chance came to combine both, I said to myself, ‘Why not? It’s just wonderful”.

    Which episode most sticks in your memory from your time as a driver?

    “Without straying too far, I would say the race at the Red Bull Ring, where I was involved in a very close and exciting battle. If we then add that the driver in question was third in the championship standings, you can imagine my satisfaction. I love these head-to-heads, and on that occasion, I had a lot of fun”.

    Speaking of rivals in every category, is there any driver you are inspired by?

    “Without a doubt, I would say Fangio. I realise I’m digging into the past, and maybe you would have expected a more recent name, but back then, you could really judge a driver and appreciate their skills. Today’s cars are packed with technology and electronics, and talent is harder to spot. There was a time when you could spot a good driver straight away”.

    Some trivia: are you superstitious? Do you prepare in any way before a race?

    “I would definitely say I’m not superstitious; I don’t have those kinds of thoughts. Even if a black cat crossed my path before a race, I wouldn’t worry about it. As for preparation, the point is that work really takes up a lot of time in a day. Let’s say that when I can get a few free minutes while I’m at home, I try to find out about the following circuit I have to tackle. I study it in detail and also get to grips with it with the help of a simulator: I realise that it’s not the same thing, but even going for a virtual drive on the track is a help. It at least shows you what it looks like. I would say that’s the most important thing to me”.

    Do you find it physically challenging to drive the Ferrari 488 Challenge all weekend?

    “No, I wouldn’t say so. I think that even a minimum of athletic training is enough to easily drive this car. Instead, I pay more attention to the mental aspect: When I go out on the track, it’s more important to stay concentrated from the first to the last lap”.