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    Fast Lane: Germana Tognella

    Maranello 06 luglio 2021

    Germana Tognella was looking for new challenges and in the Ferrari Challenge Europe found the ideal place to put herself to the test. The Rossocorsa team driver spoke to Fast Lane.

    This is your Ferrari Challenge debut; how did you get here?

    “I’m someone who always needs to find a way to challenge myself. In the past, I’ve done that in other sports like sailing, for example. Now I have found lots to get stuck into with the Ferrari Challenge because it is much more than a challenge. I arrived here thanks to a friend who is part of the Ferrari Club Challenge: I accompanied him to Spa last year, and they put me in a car next to a coach. I said to myself: I like this!”

    A whole new experience; what are your expectations?

    “First and foremost, having fun is what I’m most interested in. As for the track, I don’t have any clear expectations currently other than to improve each time”.

    What kind of environment did you find in the Ferrari Challenge?

    “They are definitely competitive gentlemen, an enjoyable environment. There is a strong male presence, although there are other women racing. However, everyone was as lovely as I was and I have to say I had a good time: It’s a very familiar environment”.

    How do you prepare for a race?

    “Honestly, I don’t prepare that much. I know I should keep my voice down, but that’s just how it is! Very little physical activity, I admit. I definitely try to eat light before I hit the track, cutting out wine and alcohol”. 

    How do you spend the last minutes before a race?

    “Before I get in the car, I enter my bubble: As I go to change and make my way to the locker room, I start thinking about the track. And then I have my own ritual: the moment I let my hair down to put it in the driving suit and then don the helmet. This process must be carried out with very precise movements, always in the same way, starting by moving my hair to the right, just so you know!”.