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    Fast Lane: Frederik Paulsen

    Maranello 04 settembre 2020

    He might be a newcomer to Ferrari Challenge and one its youngest drivers, but Frederik Paulsen, nevertheless, got to grips with it in no time. The balance sheet for the Danish driver after just two rounds weighs decidedly on the positive side: a win as well as always present on the podium. Frederik tells the “Fast Lane” microphone all about it.

    Frederick, why did you choose to race in the Ferrari Challenge?

    “I chose the Ferrari Challenge after carrying out a testing session in Spain with the Formula Racing team. I was lucky enough to driver a Ferrari 488 Challenge the whole day and I just fell in love. When Formula Racing got in touch to offer me the opportunity to race with them, I jumped at the chance.”

    You immediately showed great confidence in the Ferrari 488 Challenge Evo: did you expect to be that competitive?

    “I worked really hard and I prepared as much as I could, but I definitely wasn’t expecting to achieve results like these. I’m really satisfied.”

    Do you have a personal ranking for the racetracks? Which would you rate at the top and which do you like the least?

    “I’d have to say that the one I like the best until now is Barcelona: it’s a really thrilling circuit.  I felt great at the weekend in Spain. Thinking about the other events, I must say that I can’t wait to race in Spa. As far as the rest go, I can’t say that there is a track that I really don’t like and that I wouldn’t wish to race on.”

    How did you train both physically and mentally ahead of this championship?

    “I train regularly. In Denmark I swim at semi-professional level and I try to take advantage of the fitness training for car racing too. I do everything I can to train physically ahead of the races to make it through the whole weekend. I try to prepare myself mentally too, the same way I do at the pool, avoiding any stress prior to the race.”

    For many drivers and athletes music is a very good method for approaching the races. Is it the same for you?  

    “Yes. It helps me a lot. It relaxes me and I like to listen to relaxing music an hour before the race. Then, as the start gets closer, I crank up the volume with a bit of house or dance! I haven’t really got a favourite genre; I just listen to whatever I feel like in that particular state of mind.”