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    Fast Lane: Christian Kinch

    Maranello 10 novembre 2020

    “Fast Lane” met Swedish driver Christian Kinch, one of the Ferrari Challenge’s most famous drivers. He made his debut in 2007, but he still wants to push on and have fun on the track. The Formula Racing driver answered our questions and told us a little more about his life and his passions which are skiing, Ferraris and the Rolling Stones.

    You are one of the longest-serving drivers in the Ferrari Challenge. How has this series changed over the years?

    “There’s no doubt that there have been important changes over time. They start with the car that has constantly improved, becoming faster and more reliable. It has a better grip, for example, and from this angle, the new Ferrari 488 Challenge Evo is really incredible. In general, however, I find that the organisation and quality have improved enormously”.

    You mentioned the new Ferrari 488 Challenge Evo. How does it differ from previous cars?

    “There are many differences. Last spring I had the pleasure of testing a Ferrari 488 GT3: a car with fantastic roadholding. When I first competed with the Ferrari 488 Challenge Evo, I realised that in some ways it is very, very similar. The roadholding and ground grip is incredible. I find it more secure”.

    How did your passion for motorsport and Ferrari come about?

    “My passion for motorsport arose in parallel with my career as a professional skier. I achieved my greatest satisfactions in this sport, finishing tenth in the Ski Instructor Swedish Championship. I used to specialise in downhill skiing, a discipline in which you can go at up to 160 km/h, and this gives an idea of how similar skiing and motorsport are. Also in skiing, you have to find the correct trajectory and take the turns right to maintain speed. Moving on to my passion for Ferrari, well, since I was born there’s only been Ferrari for me. In 2004 I fulfilled a dream by purchasing a 360 Spider. For me, there is no other brand.” 

    How do you prepare physically before a race?

    “I train constantly, and I have lost 7 kilos since last year. I have also changed my professional life: I have stepped down from the helm of my company and now have much more free time, which I spend on the tennis court or in the gym. I feel much better: I am no longer tired after free practice, and I am not so exhausted after hours driving. On the other hand, racing is very demanding physically, and you have to be prepared. And this year I feel more prepared than in previous years”.

    For many drivers, music is a great way to boost concentration before a race. Is that the case for you too?

    “Absolutely, I love music. I love the Rolling Stones, and I have been lucky enough to see them live at least fifteen times, three of them with my children. But at the same time, I also listen to a lot of classical music, and my wife and I often go to the theatre. I find that music, in general, has very positive effects on me”.