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    Fast Lane: “Boris Gideon”

    Maranello 28 agosto 2020

    This week “Fast Lane” met up with German “Boris Gideon” who is thriving in the Ferrari Challenge after proving competitive in his series debut last year, finishing the season with a fine runner-up place in Coppa Shell Am for Formula Racing.

    How did the idea of ​​racing in the Ferrari Challenge come about?

    "I chose to race in the Ferrari Challenge because I am a true fan of Prancing Horse cars as well as racing. When I first got into this environment I was extremely thrilled and immediately decided that the following year I would participate in the Coppa Shell Am races."

    How and when did this passion born come about?

    "I got the passion for motorsport at an early age, but to tell the truth I got behind the wheel of a sports car pretty late: I tackled my first race when I was nearly 50 years old."

    What is the feature you appreciate most about the Ferrari 488 Challenge Evo? And what are the differences compared to last year's model?

    "I think the biggest difference is in the aerodynamic set-up: the car is more refined and the front end is more robust. The feature that fascinates me most is the design: the car is simply fantastic and I think it’s even more beautiful than last year’s."

    What is your favourite circuit and which one do you like least?

    "My favourite is Portimão because that's where I clinched my first Ferrari Challenge victory, so I'll never forget this circuit; it’s very exciting with lots of changes of elevation. As for the track that I like the least, I think we will have to wait until the end of the season, because at this moment I don't know what answer to give!"

    Do you have any ritual or superstition that you carry out before facing a competition?

    "To tell the truth, I have many, but they are secrets! I can let you in on one: when I leave the hotel room bound for the track before the race, I have to cross the threshold of the room left foot first..."